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My name is Justin Williams. My friends usually call me Koqlb.
I'm nearly 21, and I am finally getting my OWN music online.
This page is dedicated to my friends, family, and loved ones who've
inspired me to get out there and follow my dreams of becoming
a professional in the music field.
A little about me? Well, as you could see from the intro page
I love my guitar, and music just as much as i love myself.
In the past 5 years, music to me has become my life's blood.
I've gone through about 3 bands, all of which weren't really
serious about trying to get a deal with record companies...
and I'm tired of it.

Therefore, I've finally decided to seek out my goal as a musician
on my own... Sure I could've tried the whole underground ordeal,
but too many musicians today are doing that.
I'm dedicated to my life, as well as my love for music, which will
eventually be accessible through this site. In the future, you'll be
able to download some of it and send it to your friends, family, etc.
But most of all, I want you to get it mostly for your listening pleasure
The Music in here, will be in MP3 format, and I have a solo CD in the works.
"What style do you play?" some ask... Well, what do you want to hear? -grins-
I got to meet Wyclef Jean at a concert and he told me to never stick to
one thing... You have to have variety. And when it comes to shows...
If you're playing nothing but your OWN music, that's not a show!
My playing music is because I love to do it, and I enjoy making
other people happy by giving them things that they might be able
to relate to.
This site's under HEAVY construction, but when it's done, I hope you enjoy it!

E-mail Koqlb Music! with questions and comments.